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Neck Lift

by Dr. Paul Howard


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The aging neck suffers from several distinct issues that all, in many instances, are peculiar to the neck only. Lax skin, muscles, and soft tissues (fat) can be operated on directly with or without a midface rejuvenation procedure. The aging of the neck occurs earlier than other facial aging and is more dependent on genetics and weight loss/gain. It is important to remember that neck rejuvenation occurs from the mandibular jawline to the area of the "Adam's Apple" and first transverse cervical wrinkle. The neck lift procedure is one of the most common male plastic surgery procedures we do to help rejuvenate without compromising sideburns.

The simplest and most straight forward of the neck procedures is the neck lift (submental lipectomy) where the fat is suctioned from the neck through three tiny stab wound incisions: one behind each earlobe, and the third beneath the chin. Submental lipectomy as a stand alone procedure is effective as long as the skin tone is reasonable and there is not evidence of muscle laxity.

The presence of cervical bands may be camouflaged by the fat or may exist in older patients who have minimal fat.

Regardless, cervical bands may receive some temporary improvement with Botox injections but the definitive repair is called an anterior neck lift. This includes submental lipectomy as well as a small submental incision to gain access to the bands which are surgically repaired and also tightened.

For those individuals who have the quiniella of neck deformities including fat, lax muscle bands, and excessive skin will require a neck lift. The neck lift includes the anterior necklift with incisions around the earlobe and behind the ear to tighten and remove the excess skin of the neck.

Men & Plastic Surgery

Men pay for approximately 80% of the cosmetic surgery performed while becoming a patient only 20% of the time. It is hard to know if this is indicative of the social taboo regarding men and cosmetic surgery or is it a result of the idea that men are much less stoic than women and are basically averse to the minimal discomfort involved. Regardless of the cause, men are more frequently having Plastic Surgery and generally have the same reasons for having cosmetic improvement as our women patients: improved self esteem, being competitive with younger people in the work place, and to appear more youthful and attractive to the opposite sex. Read More . . .

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Dr. Paul Howard is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He completed his plastic surgery residency under Dr. Ralph Millard at the University of Miami.
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Dr. Paul Howard is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthestic Plastic Surgery, & the Dr. Ralph Millard Plastic Surgery Society and Education Foundation.

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