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About the Howard Lift Facelift

by Dr. Paul Howard


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The break throughs in plastic surgery have always been driven by our patients. Today's plastic surgery consumer is asking for facial rejuvenation with shorter, less conspicuous scars, a shorter recovery, and a more natural refreshed look without the danger and complications of general anesthesia. These are not small requests and are out of the comfort zone of most cosmetic surgeons. The "thread lift" was subsequently devised to address these issues but failed terribly as many of the non-surgical aesthetic practitioners saw an introduction into the cosmetic industry without training and surgical skill. The thread-lift failed to achieve the results promised and now remains one of the failed gimmicks of plastic surgery history.

For the last 5 years, we have been refining shorter incisions, progressive tension cheek-lift so that it is now performed simply in the office with sedation and nerve blocks anesthetize the entirety of the face. Further break throughs include the judicious use of "micro drains" to reduce swelling and bruising, and meticulous detail regarding the earlobes and tragal incisions.

The result of those refinements has been fewer complications, a shorter facelift recovery, and less bruising wth a result comparable to older facelift techniques. We believe the midface to be the key to most facial rejuvenation procedures and as such it must be safe, effective, natural appearing, and affordable. The Howard Lift facelift is aimed at knocking down the one-size-fits-all facelift and approaches each patient according to their desired facial rejuvenation goals.



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There is a movement afoot to try to legislate safety in plastic surgery by controlling what we do rather than taking the more difficult route of controlling the credentials and training of practitioners. State governments must find it less offensive to certain constituencies to legislate what we do and how we do it rather than more directly addressing the office surgical setting by requiring each and every practitioner to have a minimal amount of core training in the procedures legislators deem unsafe. When non-professionals try to address concerns on medical safety it always appears that some group of doctors may be affected and their arguments always seem to be based on possible financial restraints or financial hardships that fully trained and credentialed doctors may not suffer. The implications are that all doctors, regardless of training, are essentially equal. Read More . . .

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Dr. Paul Howard is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He completed his plastic surgery residency under Dr. Ralph Millard at the University of Miami.
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Dr. Paul Howard is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthestic Plastic Surgery, & the Dr. Ralph Millard Plastic Surgery Society and Education Foundation.

The Howard Lift Face Lift

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